Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 1, Winter 2018 

Narrative Review

3. Phimosis and Circumcision: Concepts, History, and Evolution

Pages 6-18


Bruno Pinheiro Falcão; Marcelo Marcondes Stegani; Jorge Eduardo Fouto Matias

Systematic Review

6. The Prevalence of Needlestick Injuries and Exposure to Blood and Body Fluids Among Iranian Healthcare Workers: A Systematic Review

Pages 35-40


Zhila Fereidouni; Morteza Kameli Morandini; Azizallah Dehghan; Nahid Jamshidi; Majid Najafi Kalyani

7. A Review of Scientific Outputs on Spirituality and Depression Indexed in Important Databases

Pages 41-46


Jamileh Mohammadi; Kazem Rasoolzadeh Tabatabaei; Masoud Janbozorgi; Abbas Pasandideh; Mahmood Salesi