Traumatic Extrapleural Haematoma Incidence, Diagnosis and Management: A mini review

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Traumatic Extrapleural Haematoma (EH) is a rare clinical entity describing traumatic bleeding occurring within the thoracic cavity, but outside the parietal pleura. It needs to be differentiated from intrapleural bleeding, commonly known as a haemothorax, which is the more typical location for bleeding after chest wall trauma. The management principles are different and the trauma clinician needs to be vigilant in making an early accurate diagnosis. As intercostal catheters sit within the intrapleural space, suitably placed catheters will struggle to adequately evacuate EHs. Accordingly, early consideration needs to be made for surgical evacuation. The EHs do not occur commonly making it difficult for prospective studies and the current literature largely consists of case reports and series. This narrative review aims to look at this work to provide guidance on the best manner to diagnose and manage this rare injury pattern.


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December 2019
Pages 113-116
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