Effectiveness of Steroids in the Treatment of Bacterial Meningitis in Adults: Narrative Review

Document Type : Narrative Review


Department of Infectious Disease, Internal Medicine in King Fahad Medical City, National Guard Health Affairs (NGHA), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Bacterial meningitis is the 10th most common cause of death worldwide. Early detection and treatment can decrease the mortality and morbidity rates. In this review, the treatment regimen of bacterial meningitis will be discussed in adult patients based on the microorganism. The benefits of the usage of corticosteroid (Dexamethasone in particular) will be elaborated in lowering the rates of death and neurological complications. The results of different studies on patients in developed and developing countries will the presented. Also, meta- analysis studies will review the patients with different ages and those affected with different microorganism to emphasize the benefit of the corticosteroid regimen as a part of the bacterial meningitis treatment.