Ocular Problems Associated with Coronavirus Disease 2019

Document Type : Mini Review


Department of Medicine, Bhayangkara Denpasar Hospital/Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University


Coronavirus disease 2019 has become a worldwide pandemic caused by the infection of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2. The infection of this viral illness may cause several ocular manifestations, such as conjunctival congestion, epiphora, and foreign body sensation. Conjunctival mucosa is thought to be one of the certain mediums of transmission of the disease due to the presence of angiotensin-converting enzyme 2, which acts as an intermediary for the invasion of viruses into host cells. Some recommendations have been made to prevent the spreading of the disease in the course of ophthalmic practices. This review aims to emphasize the ocular problems associated with novel coronavirus disease and lays out the efforts that can be done related to disease prevention.