Mammography Services in Zambia

Document Type : Mini Review


1 Midland Regional Hospital at Tullamore, Radiology Department, Co. Offaly, Ireland

2 Cancer Diseases Hospital, Radiotherapy Department, Lusaka, Zambia

3 Cancer Diseases Hospital, Imaging Department, Lusaka, Zambia


Breast cancer is the second most common cancer after cervical cancer and the leading causes of death in women in Zambia. To overcome this challenge, a national early diagnosis of breast cancer programme has been established by the Ministry of Health which includes offering mammography services. This paper aims to review the status of the mammography services in Zambia. The availability of mammography services has significantly improved the diagnosis of breast cancer in this country. However, the delivery of services is being humped by numerous challenges such as lack of awareness, the inconsistent supply of consumables, limited human resources, and lack of education and training programs. There is a need to improve the delivery of mammography services by establishing a well-structured and specialized workforce and bringing services closer to the community.