COVID-19 treatments | A glance at the most recent reported drugs, which may close to the operational phase

Document Type : Mini Review


Islamic Azad University (IAU), Science and Research Branch, Sanandaj, Iran


Due to the increasing spread of the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19), the competition for the most successful possible solution has become very popular among different countries. Therefore, addressing the issue of which is the next most likely candidate to enter the global market; It is a question that sooner or later every country must answer. This study was planned based on the latest published information on drugs that are currently undergoing the fourth clinical phase of the estuary, has tried to co ver the common concern, which means that recent reports indica te the importance of which of the existing or newly synthesized drugs in the control of this disease? The findings suggest that the introduced chemical structures are evidence of measurable succe ss on a laboratory scale, but there are no reliable reports of the high potency of these drugs to control or treat COVID-19 in long term. In conclusion, FDA approved most of these drugs permanently or under a specific condition. This means that scientists had to get along with trial and error these days to overcome the probable upcoming catastrophe.