Implications of Health Research and Climate Change Mitigation on the Transmission of Influenza Viruses in Africa

Document Type : Mini Review


Faculty of Pharmacy, Girne American University, Karaoglanoglu, Kyrenia, Turkey


As the climate of the earth changes rapidly, its devastating effects on human health becomes more evident. Possible effects of climate change on human health include higher rates of respiratory diseases, increased prevalence of vector -borne, zoonotic and waterborne diseases, food and water scarcity, as well as malnutrition. Worsened conditions are predicted in Africa primarily due to the inadequacy of optimum public health systems and climate mitigative controls. Addressing the implications of climate change mitigation and public health research could have substantial benefits to human health, particularly in the transmission of infectious diseases such as influenza. This review aims to explore available literature on the current effects of climate cha nge in Africa and how it influences the incidence and prevalence of influenza, thereafter making recommendations to ameliorate current conditions by encouraging interdisciplinary collaborations.