َAdvancement in Medical Biotechnology: A Review

Document Type : Narrative Review


Department of Biochemistry, Pacific Institute of Medical Sciences, Sai Tirupati University, Umarda, Udaipur-313003, Rajasthan, India


Technology is anything that makes our life convenient or easier, thus any technology that uses bioresources e.g., microorganisms, enzymes, and other bioresources to make human life easier is defined as Biotechnology. The human genome project results are the baseline for various applications of modern medical biotechnology  e.g.,  drug discovery and DNA delivery, medical diagnostic techniques, vaccine development, pre-clinical trials in an animal model, and clinical trials in humans. Medical biotechnology is the use of living cells and cell materials to research and produce pharmaceutical and diagnostic products that hel p treat and prevent human diseases. This study highlights a brief review of various applications of medical biotechnology including gene therapy, monoclonal antibodies (Hybridoma technology), vaccine technology, recombinant DNA technology, Human Genome Project (HGP), in silico drug designing, RNA -mediated interference (RNAi), Nano-biotechnology, stem cell therapy, and metamaterial application.