The Role of Personality Traits and Mental Health in Predicting Burnout among CANBO Store Sellers

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Psychology, Electronic Branch of Azad University, Iran

2 Department of Educational Sciences, Hakim Ferdowsi, Farhangian University, Karaj, Iran


 Introduction: The aim of this study was to investigate the role of mental health and personality traits in predicting job burnout among sellers of CANBO store in Tehran.
Methods: The research method was descriptive-correlational and the statistical population of the present study included all sellers of CANBO store in Tehran in 2021-2022 that 265 people were selected as the sample size by stratified random sampling method using Krejcie and Morgan table. The instruments used included the Maslach Burnout Questionnaire (MBI) and the NEO Five Personality Factors Questionnaire (NEO-FFI). Pearson correlation and regression analysis were used to analyze the data using SPSS software version 22.
Results: The results showed that there is a negative relationship between mental health and burnout (p = 0.001); Also, there was a positive and significant relationship between burnout and annoyance, conscientiousness and openness to experience as components of personality traits, and a negative and significant relationship between burnout and extraversion and adaptation of personality components (p = 0.001). The results of regression analysis also showed that both predictors of mental health and personality traits components were able to predict burnout in sellers and explained (32.7%) of the changes in burnout.
Conclusion: Given the relationship between burnout and mental health and personality traits of sellers of CANBO stores, it is necessary for the heads and managers of these stores to develop programs to improve motivation, job satisfaction, human relations and identify personality traits of sellers in order to Design and implement job productivity enhancement.