Factors Affecting the Development of Colon Cancer and Electrical Stimulation of the Colon

Document Type : Mini Review


Felavarjan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan, Iran


One cause of mortality in large countries of the world today is colon cancer. One main reason behind the development of colon cancer is constipation. Using electric shock, the colon can regain its motility. This electrical stimulation includes a series of electric arrays. Patients with constipation are categorized into two groups, apart from those who only show the disease symptoms. A patient whose rectum had lost its excitability after stroke was studied. The patient clearly benefited from electric stimulation treatment. Considering the fact that the biological feedback of this experiment is intense, the patient should cooperate. Electrical stimulation treatment is performed with a highly complex device. This treatment can be useful for many patients, especially those who suffer from impaired rectal contraction.