Resisting Economy, Dairy Products Consumption and Public Health Policy: Current Status & Future Planning


Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran

Per capita consumption of milk and dairy products in Iran is about 60 kg which, unfortunately, is extremely low compared to regional countries like Pakistan (159kg), Turkey (138 kg), Armenia (136 kg), Azerbaijan Republic (119 kg), several of them having quite lower GDP than ours. It is supposed that 90% of the people of the country have calcium deficiency, with mean age of  low  bone  density  at  30  years  old.  The  problem would  become  more  serious  when  we  consider  that this low consumption rate of dairy products is not only due to the public nutritional habits, but according to the  health  authorities,  dairy  consumption  has experiences a rapid fall down after austerity measures have been put to the country’s economy resulting in a rapid increase in the price... (Read more...)