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Current Issue: Volume 6, Issue 2, Spring 2019 

3. Reproductive Factors and Breast Cancer Risk

Pages 40-44


Juveria Tarannum; Pittala Manaswini; Chekoorthi Deekshitha; Raj Kumar Gaju; Anchuri Shyam Sunder

Narrative Review

4. Advances in Fusion Gene Research and Fusion Gene Families in Hematological Malignancies

Pages 45-50


Xue Chen; Fang Wang; Tong Wang; Lili Yuan; Hongxing Liu

5. Protective and Risk Factors in Multiple Sclerosis

Pages 51-58


Hosein Nouri; Homayoun Tabesh; Masih Saboori; Karim Sohrabi; Foad Mirhosseini; Zahra Hosseinzadeh Anvar; Mostafa Sharifkhah; Saman Hosseinzadeh Anvar; Vahid Shaygannejad